The New Diaper Primer

Appendix 1: Suprima Vinyl Pants

A personal account from the writer ...

Suprima vinyl pants are really top notch. An older posting about size prompts me to try and clear up the confusion here. Suprima (German) at one time made only trim fitting, narrow crotch plastic pants. I think European incontinent persons tend to wear pads, rather than actual diapers for the most part. They also use the vinyl pants to hold the pads in place so the pants are generally closely fitted, more along the lines of plastic underpants.

After Suprima established a presence here in the United States, our requests for roomier pants was heeded by Suprima, to their credit! So here's a primer on the various Suprima pant models :

S1205 is the trim fit European cut pants which fit well over disposable diapers for back up. They are also perfect for cloth diaper pants, the pull on cloth diaper pants often called "training pants".

S1213 is the US market vinyl pants for cloth diapers. Nice and roomy and a wide crotch. Elastics are encased and are narrow so they tuck into the diaper very well.

S1212 is the same roomy US-market vinyl pants but with wider elastics. The waist elastic is a full one inch wide. The wider elastic doesn't tend to cut into the skin the way the narrower elastic can.

All the above Suprimas have encased elastics but most are sewn casings. Don't worry, there is no experience with leaks thru the stitching.

In these US market pants, please note size MEDIUM is for waist size 38 to 42 inches (96-107 cm) and the crotch is 13 inches (33 cm) wide. These pants fit over thick cloth diapers with ease!

S1249 Surpima has a great snap-on pant for those who want or need the convenience of a snap fastener. These feature large, easy-to-use metal snaps, fully welded seams and elastic casings.

S1250 offers small plastic snaps that blend in with the color of the pants.

Material thickness: The white vinyl pants are 3 mils and are softest and lightest. The colors are medium thickness at 5 mils which are still soft and very comfortable. For those who like a heavy vinyl (such as the Comco pants), Suprima offers a 7-mil material in their Lavender and Soft Yellow colors.

The colors are bold primary colors such as red, blue, green, yellow; ideal for coordinating with summer shorts. Blue plastic pants conceal well under blue shorts to conceal those glimpses of the upper leg of the shorts.

Yellow Extra seems to resist oils as claimed, but they will stiffen eventually. The Yellow Extra is a bit tougher than the other colors which feel a bit more silky.

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