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Huge Update..Post surgery also

Mon Mar 11, 2019 12:41 am

Going on three weeks post surgery and I am just getting back some of my range of motion. I ended up having 15 inches of my colon removed to get ride of the diverticulitis. During follow up with the GI doctor afterwards I was told that the pylup they took out during my colonoscopy that was done before surgery came back as a pre cancer tumor and that it was good that surgery removed that section where the pylup was found but it is the type of tumor tha can also be indicative of stomach cancer. The Gi Doctor is going to do an upper endoscopy to be sure that there are no masses in my stomach. Also a lot has gone down these last few weeks. The big one is that people from my church visited me in the hospital. But Wetters was right about the pastor that I was talking about in another post. No visit, phone calls, or even well wishes on facebook from him. funny that two pastors from the church that showed up but not the one that i did an internship with for over a year. yeah i have not been around but you would think that someone would try to find out why. i have learned through this who i want to be as a leader within a church. one of the two pastor that showed up gave me some insight into how much he cares about people he knows. i hope that i can work my way into a new position within the church soon.
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