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Time for a general update, hopefully this makes for some informative inspirational reading, or just content for those who like reading stories that they can relate to.

Pocket diaper experimentation is showing fruits. I own 5 pocket diapers from ecoable that are the 2.0 model with a more generous cut. I also have 9 or so of the 1.0 pocket diapers that have been discontinued from the same manufacurer. Both can be used to manage my incontinence, even at work. I just have not had a reason to do so until now with the lack of a half hour lunch in which to change my diaper. I had asked my boss for an acoomodation when I was using disposables because I only had 15 minutes to either eat or change my diaper, but not both. I could grab a sandwich and scarf it down and then run to the bathroom to change, or could forgo changing and eat a leisurely meal. But neither option is really ideal. If I went without changing, I smelled like pee downstairs when I got home. I had issues with yeast infections. If I scarf down my food, that can cause issues with digestion. So, he increased my hours so I got a b reak and a lunch.. and now I'm back to only 4 hours on a shift, 5 days a week, with a 15 minute break. my TL did say that I can take a longer break without it counting agaist me if I had reasons, but then you have the fact that if I do that, I'm away from the door and not monitoring the store security. Unless its my break, I try not to use the bathroom unless i'm in need of an emergency change or I need to poop, since we don't have coverage at the door. I really don't want to have to tell my first assitant, yeah, I need extra time to change my diaper, and sometimes it takes longer to put on the cloth diaper. They already know I'm incontinent, id ratehr not give them unnecessary details. I don't want to be seen as a disability case that is liable for costing the store money because I take longer.

I digress.

Ditropan XL is being trialed right now hwen i remember to take it. Suprisingly, I have noticed a change. There have been nights since I started taking it that I have been dry the entire night. It's not perfect, but it helps. Not sure if this is meds or my bladder patterns shifting naturally. More testing is needed.

I now know that my bladder can release up to 16 oz at a time if its full and I get an urge. whether thats all at once or in spurts depends on how much I'm willing to try to stop it. eventually I just dont see the point in holding back and just let it go. Sometimes even when I try to hold back its only a few seconds before the flow starts again. I have a cytoscopy scheduled to see if I have a stricture.

I have ordered a Dependeco pocket diaper to trial itr and smaller flat diaeprs to trial using as stuffers in my pocket diapers. If they work better than the 12 flats I currently have utilize for that purpose around the house, I will end up selling or giving away the flats. The 10 contours I have will be utilized on days where i want to doll up on rash cream, dont want to waste disposables, but not worry about affecting the absorbency of my diapers that have synthetic fibers. In other words, when I have rashes and its hot.

I have a case of better dry on hand that I want to use up before it gets any warmer because it is not fun wearing a plastic backed disposable in 85-90 degree heat.

Weight loss continues to be a goal. Keeping several sizes on hand might be a good idea just in case I gain or lose weight in the future. Perhaps a bag of medium and a bag of large, a medium pocket and a large pocket, as funds permit.

Peace out!


PS, progress is being made slowly on weight loss. Currently at a standstill.. not gaining weight but also not losing. Plan to excercise more today.

"We cannot do great things. We can only do small things with great love" Mother Teresa

"THERE ARE FOUR LIGHTS!" - Captain Picard from Chain of Command, Part II

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