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Mentally and physically?
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On letting go by repurposing underwear

Mon May 27, 2019 2:40 am

Padded53 told me i could find FST at walmart to use as inserts. I already have FSTs and he was kinda missinng the whole point. I was finding ways to repurpose the dozen or so pairs of underwear that were sitting in a bag on a shelf in my parent's storage room. They just sat there and mocked me, saying "Rob, you can't wear us Nah nah nah nah" Well who's laughing now!? I cut them up to use as wash rags and cloth diaper inserts. (No i am not mentally unwell. This is a metaphor/tongue in cheek joke). How you like me now Fruit of the Loom?? Yeah, Ill show you whos boss. Youll absorb my urine or wash my dishes and LIKE IT!!!! :P

Seriously, cutting my underwear was like a release. They were always sitting on my shelf and I was never quite sure what to do with them. I had hopes of getting dry with Nuro that were dashed. I tried wearing Afex with underwear, and then it leaked on me. Other male urinals leaked on me too. With an external collection device is the only way im wearing underwear. So, now with all that ifigured what was the point? I cant very well easily donate these, so what now? Do i just keep them here taking up valubale shelf space? You guys gave me the idea to use them as wash rags. I had another idea to use them to make cloth diaper inserts. i tested 3 cut underewar togetther to absorb some water i spilled on my counter, and they absorbed it just fine :) Looks like I have at least 2 or 3 free inserts :) :) Peace out! :D

Re: On letting go by repurposing underwear

Tue May 28, 2019 9:09 am

My wife and I just had a conversation a couple days ago about what to do with my underwear that is still taking up space in my dresser drawer. Likely, they will go in the rag bag and become shop rags. I could certainly use the drawer space for diapers!
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