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PostPosted: Sun Mar 01, 2020 3:51 am 
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It's Sunday so I am allowed to relax my asceticism. I have mentioned the fitted diapers I'm wearing right now in a few posts, so I thought id go ahead and post a full review.

This diaper, once again is available here: https://ecoable.net/adult-fitted-cloth- ... -big-kids/ It is available in 3 sizes: Youth, Regular and Exended. Youth fits hips 22 inches to 35 inches. Regular fits 26 to 42 inches. Extended fits 30-46 inches. The cost varies based on the size you choose. 29 for youth, 31 for regular, and 34 for extended. I have reviewed other Ecoable products on this forum before. They are decent, but one thing I hated was that the insert kept bunching up in the front because the snaps that held the insert in place were only on the back. But this is not an insert, it is an actual diaper. It reminds me of a traditional cloth diaper, except without the pins. The part that goes next to your skin is soft charcoal bamboo, and it is a stay dry material. I am still running tests on capacity, but so far I am very impressed. And yes, you can layer them. I am wearing two right now under an Ecoable cover. I can't wait to save up and buy more. The only downside is the fact you need to wear a diaper cover/plastic pants, but really, that comes with the territory with cloth diapering. I used to love the pocket diapers I owned, until they no longer fit. I have been looking for an alternative for years. Ecoable's snap in AI2 seemed like a good solution..other than the padding bunching up. But the fitted diapers do not bunch up because it is an actual diaper that covers the whole crotch area and wraps around your body.

The site says that the diaper is made from rayon from bamboo(must be the fleece stay dry lining) cotton and polyester. All 3 are very absorbent materials.

If you like cloth diapers, but hate having to deal with pins or wish they kept your skin feeling drier, give these a try. I highly recommend them. Just be sure to get a decent diaper cover. I bought several from Ecoable, and they are ok, but you need to tuck the diaper in a bit. I am considering buying plastic pants from Adult Cloth Diaper to get better coverage.

I have been looking for a cloth diaper for years that is easy to put on and keeps my skin dry. I think this is it. Other fitted diapers on the market do not have a stay dry liner.

If wearing 2 or 3 fitted diapers is too bulky for you, you can actually boost them with a snap in insert, the same insert that goes with their pullups and diaper covers. They are out of stock right now but should have more in May or June.
Let me know if you have any questions about the diaper. If I can't answer them, Ill ask Ecoable.

Peace out!


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PostPosted: Thu Mar 19, 2020 5:06 pm 

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I’m glad these diapers are getting the attention they deserve. I’ve purchased every diaper cover they’ve made in either extended or regular. When I purchased these a few months back I was 55 pounds heavier and needed the extended. Now I can fit in the regular comfortably without much stretch. I’ve always liked wearing cloth but my biggest complaint was they are very loose for my likings. I’ve been able to get a contour diaper with snappies to work well, but I still was looking for something a little more fitting. When I found the Ecoable brand I tried one set for fit and function and fell in love with them and bought a whole lot of 10. I can actually get away with them for both day and night, however, I mainly wear them at night.

I agree with Rob, I’ve have leaked out the legs a couple times because I had a soaked diaper and not enough soakers. I really like there charcoal snap in inserts, they make you feel like your dry all the time which you don’t get with twill cotton or other cotton diapers. I like the tightness of the diaper covers so I’ll put a pair of plastic pants on then the diaper cover that way I won’t have leaks. I know that defeats the purpose of needing the cover, but it’s nice to have a design instead of a plain white diaper. Plus my wife thinks they look cute and need to wear them.

PostPosted: Mon Apr 13, 2020 9:13 pm 

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Just had a look online at those. $39.99 each. Whew.
Maybe if funds were better I would spring for one to see if those worked for me. But not today.

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