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PostPosted: Sun Jun 04, 2017 7:03 pm 

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http://www.babykins.com/store/adult-clo ... lt-diaper/

Does anyone with urge incontinence have experience with this pull-on cloth diaper? If so, how did it perform with respect to absorption rate and capacity?

PostPosted: Wed Nov 15, 2017 4:46 pm 

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I have tried this pull-on and it was "OK", but sagged unless worn with a onesie. It does not absorb a great deal so a "doubler" is needed with it. On the other hand I use a lot of Kins' products and find them excellent. I wear their "DPF" diaper with a night contour diaper or two and plastic bloomers to sleep. They hold everything and are comfortable. Daytime use is OK just with the DPF diaper and a doubler or two if there a lot of wetting and/or ...

PostPosted: Thu Nov 16, 2017 12:47 pm 
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I have used them, far from snug fitting, and don't hold enough by themselves. Stood up to 5+ years of on and off useage, but the elastics are gone now, good for a extra thick coverpant... Puffy

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 25, 2017 8:41 am 

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I have been experimenting with cloth pull-ons.

The Kins double-layer terry pull-on is a good product, but is intended to be used, as needed, with other layers. For overnight, I use it over a single-layer terry pull-on and under a much heavier (and larger) cloth flannel pull-on (total of three layers). As I stay well-hydrated even at night that works well provided that I remove the cloth pull-ons as soon as I get up in the morning.

Wearing layers of pull-ons can be helpful for those with limited manual dexterity for whom using diaper pins with prefold cloth diapers is difficult.

A double-layer terry pull-on over a single-layer terry pull-on works well for an afternoon nap (to avoid side leaks from a disposable). You can wear a double-layer terry with a cloth booster pad but will not get as much protection from a side leak.

Remember - with cloth, bulk = protection. :D Without SAP, you must layer cloth for bulk to obtain the desired absorbency.

Cloth pull-ons are very effective when worn over a premium disposable to extend the length of time between changes while reducing the likelihood of a leak. Double diapering with two disposables also would provide adequate absorbency but would be more likely to leak while sleeping on one's side.

Due to the laundering requirements, these methods work best at home. As with all use of cloth diapers, cloth pull-ons have an initially high cost and then become less expensive than using disposables.


PostPosted: Mon Nov 27, 2017 12:14 am 

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This exactly a cloth pull-on but at night I've recently started using a fairly thick cloth insert (actually a Walmart 'Flour Sack Cloth' folded into six layers) in a pull-up with a Gary PUL pant and it is working out great. On the few nights a month that I actually have had enuresis the folded cloth has absorbed everything and hardly even gotten my pull-up damp. I guess I'm not ready to go the full cloth diaper route at night but the few times a month where I have had a significant leak the "mini" cloth diaper in my pull-up has worked perfectly to absorb everything with no leaks whatsoever.
In fact this has worked so well for me that this concept could even be used as a type of disposable cloth diaper if you were on a trip. Each cloth only costs approximately $1 at Walmart so just throwing them away if and when you actually wet them is somewhat affordable and certainly less than some disposable diapers.
Obviously this strategy may not work for everybody but it is working great for me and might be something others may want to try.

PostPosted: Sat Jul 20, 2019 5:29 am 

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These aren't good on their own for more than the most trivial of leaks. I use them as covers for disposables at night and then a plastic or rubber pant over the top. Never had a wet bed with this combination. (They are sold as Drylife in the UK.)

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