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PostPosted: Wed Aug 22, 2018 5:07 am 
Since I’ve been using foley catheters for almost three years I’ve found that using pull-ups is a good way to catch the leaks. Sometime during bladder spasms the balloon will move inside my bladder and some urine will leak out the side. Pull-ups and diapers are a great way to cath this to avoid those embarrassing leaks.

I started with using the disposable pull-ups but the cost continues while we add to the landfills. Since I work using disposable diaper wasn’t convenient so I used the pull-ups. A few month ago I was communicating with someone here and he suggested I try regular cloth diapers. Having already thought about this I ordered one from fetware.com. This was one of the first links that came up during my search.
I got the diaper, http://www.fetware.com/pull-all-cotton- ... -p-37.html,
some plastic pants http://www.fetware.com/pull-plastic-pan ... -p-14.html,
and an hour glass shaped booster pad http://www.fetware.com/diaper-booster-1 ... -p-35.html. (These fit great by the way.)
The diaper turned out to be huge and the plastic pants didn’t cover it. I had to buy the cloud hi-back plastic pants to cover it. http://www.fetware.com/cloud-back-plast ... -p-29.html

Since that diaper was to big I found adultclothdiaper.com and bought some Leakmaster adult pullon diapers. https://www.adultclothdiaper.com/LeakMa ... th-Diapers They fit great and work well with regular plastic pants. The low cut plastic pants don’t seem to cover much so you have to bunch up the material. These are great to wear at night. I have the catheter tube come out of the top and the waistband holds it nicely to avoid pulling when I sleep and roll over.

Those are bit big for daytime so I found biggerdiapers.com. I wear https://biggerdiapers.com/product_info. ... ucts_id=74 large where this is the link to their medium. (I think the large is out of stock as of this post) The large fit great and hold the tube to my leg bag nice and gentle against my thigh during the day. The medium was to tight around the leg so I stayed with the large.

The one extra load of laundry I have to do every week really isn’t much at all. Hang the plastic pants to air dry, and do the same with the diapers if one cycle in the dryer isn’t quite enough

One day I did try just using the diaper but it wasn’t enough for me. Sure it felt great to pee anytime I wanted but in about two hours I was full and needed to be changed. I had to get in the shower to take everything off and rinse it out. No matter how hard I tried to wring it out the diaper and pad had a very strong odor a day later till I did the laundry. The foley catheter, leg or belly bag combination works great for me.

And remember, NEVER leave your catheter open to drain right into any type of diaper. They’re meant to be part of a closed system to avoid UTI’s no matter how prone or not prone you are to them. The day I used just the diaper for urination was my day off from using a foley. I take it out for one day on the weekend to keep my bladder functioning normally.

I sure hope this helps.

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